nutritionally reviewed guide for introducing solids to your baby + tried and tested recipes your children will love.

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Whether you've already started your baby on solids, or are planning to in the near future, following a few simple techniques and understanding how to transition them through the various developmental stages will help make the path a little smoother and foster a healthy, happy relationship with food.

Our nutritionally reviewed* resource provides answers to all the obvious questions you'll have and sheds light on those you haven't yet considered. It's full of helpful tips and tricks for parents who have already introduced solids to their baby AND those where it is on the horizon along with a special 30 day introductory food plan with recipes and tips to help set you on the right path from the get go.


*Your Baby's Food Journey: Easy Step by Step Guide is a practical resource of suitable foods, preparation information, advice and tips for overcoming and avoiding hurdles whilst introducing solids to your little one. Whilst not specifically a nutrition guide, it has been reviewed by an experienced Registered New Zealand Nutritionist to ensure accuracy and give you peace of mind as you embark on this new journey.


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A place to share your baby’s food journey and chat with other mums whose little ones are at similar ages and stages

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Ready... Steady... Eat!

"You mean to tell me spoons don't actually sound like aeroplanes?!"

Some babies take to eating solids easily, whilst others can take longer ~ sometimes it takes a little creativity to peak their interest! 

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"You are my greatest role model"

With all the chaos that comes with having children, it can sometimes be hard to remember to stop and eat in front of them often leaving it until they are down for a nap or otherwise occupied. Try eating in front of your baby and see how they respond!

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"My middle name is messy"

Get ready! Solid food = mess! Luckily there are some fabulous products available to help make clean up easier (and faster!).

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Detailed and easy to follow

"Your resource has made me excited and confident about starting my little one on solids!"

Jennifer Staples