10 things you need to know / decisions to make when starting your baby on solids...

  1. Feeding your baby can be a messy business! Be prepared with bibs, wipes, messy mat, suitable high chair etc to make clean up easy.

  2. Water. When and how do you offer it?

  3. Baby’s milk. Understand when to offer solids and when to offer milk to ensure your baby continues to get the goodness they need from their milk whilst being hungry enough to try their solids. When and how much will change as they approach grow and develop.

  4. Making a silky smooth purée. Some foods are easier to create the texture required when you are just starting your baby on solids.

  5. Time of day. Begin introducing solids around the middle of the day so you can watch for any allergic reactions. Second and third meals can be introduced at suitable times once your baby is well established on one meal.

  6. Know your foods. Not all foods are suitable for baby’s first tastes. How often will you introduce new foods? How can you ensure your baby is getting a good variety of foods?

  7. Traditional spoon feeding vs baby led weaning. Which method will you use? Do you have to choose just one?

  8. Time saving. Your baby will start by eating a very small quantity and you don’t want to be making this tiny amount specially each feeding time!

  9. Your baby may reject some (or all!) foods! Make sure they are truly ready to start solids (see next point) and if so, know it can take up to 15 tries for a baby to accept a new food.

  10. Know the readiness signs. Age is only one indicator your baby may be ready to start solids. There’s also a growth spurt which can occur around four months and whilst it can be okay to start solids then for some babies, be sure you can tick other readiness indicators to be sure your baby is ready.

Starting your baby on solids needn’t be complicated or overwhelming. By understanding the answers to the topics above and following a few simple techniques, you can help lay the foundation for your baby to have a healthy, happy relationship with food. Our nutritionally reviewed guide outlines everything you need to know and takes the guess work out of this exciting milestone. Click here to learn more.