Gagging vs choking

Have you avoided giving your baby chunkier foods because you have a fear they will choke?

This is one of the most common concerns we hear, and unfortunately, it’s also one that can lead to issues with your baby’s eating down the track…

It is SO important to change the texture of the foods you’re offering your baby and they grow – learning to bite, chew and to move food to the back of their mouths is all part of the learning process for them and offering them textures that are suitable for their age and stage helps with this. It may sound silly but teaching an older baby to chew can be incredibly difficult!

Our tips:
✔️ Understand the difference between gagging and choking and arm yourself with the information you need to help your baby swiftly and efficiently if they do need you. This will help give you the confidence to offer chunkier foods at a suitable time for your baby’s age and stage.
✔️ Know the indicators your baby is ready to move on to the next developmental phase of eating so you can offer them foods that are suitable for their ability.

If you are looking for extra support, advice or information, check out our guide (click here). It has everything you need to know about the different stages and how to transition between them as smoothly as possible.