Help! My baby isn't interested in solids...

Your baby is showing all the signs they're ready to start solids. You're ready with all the equipment you need. You've made a batch of lovely smooth purée, put your little one in a comfortable position for eating, in their clean new bib and.... They refuse the first taste. OR it goes so well that the next day you're rearing to go again but it's a completely different story.

When your little one doesn't immediately take to solids as you imagined they would, when they seem disinterested or just refuse the foods you're offering out right... Don't panic!

By now, you would have heard more times than you thought possible but it really is true - every baby is different. And it's the same when it comes to introducing solids. Some take to it immediately and never look back, most hit some hurdles along the way and some just want to take their sweet time.

Providing your baby is around 6 months old and showing all the signs they are ready to start solids then as frustrating (and stressful) as it may feel now, know they will eventually become familiar and enjoy solids. Our top tips:

  • Persevere - make solids a part of your new routine and offer a taste of something new every few days so they have the opportunity to become familiar with solids.

  • Environment - offer solids in a relaxed, uncluttered environment where there are few distractions so as to make the experience a positive one.

  • Hunger - offer solids a minimum of 30 minutes after their milk feed to allow them time to build up an appetite; if your wee one isn't hungry no amount of temptation will encourage them to eat!

  • Distraction - sometimes a little distraction can help you encourage your little one to eat as least a few spoonfuls; give them something new to look at or hold.

  • Fresh food feeder - some babies just prefer not to be spoon fed and this is where a fresh food feeder can come in handy. Put something soft and juicy in one and encourage your baby to feed themselves (you may also be able to sneak a few spoonfuls in at the same time ).

  • Time of day - similar to if your baby simply isn't hungry enough, if they are too tired it is likely they won't be as interested in solids. For a number of reasons, it is recommended to introduce the first meal of the day in the late morning with a good amount of time before their midday nap.

  • Sitting position - as frustrating as it may sound, some babies just don't like highchairs! Make sure your little one is in a comfortable position they enjoy - remember, this is a new experience for them so it may even mean the first few weeks of solids are enjoyed while you or someone they trust is holding them. 

Of course, if you are worried about your little one's food intake or health in general then nothing can replace the advice of your health care provider and we encourage you to seek guidance from them if you are at all concerned.

Starting solids should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your little one. If you haven't already, you may like to check out our comprehensive guide which outlines everything you need to know about this exciting time in your little one's development. It will help answer all your questions and take the guess work out of this special time. Click here for more information.