Increased hunger. Waking more frequently. Ready for solids?

My baby has just turned 4 months, seems extra hungry and has started waking more overnight. Should I introduce solids?

It can be common for babies to go through a growth spurt around 4 months of age and as a result want to feed more often. This is not necessarily an indicator they are ready to start solids. The same can be said about this time in regards to their sleep; most babies will go through a regression at this time meaning they start to wake more fully between their sleep cycles.

When first introducing solids, most babies will only start with a few mouthfuls and take their time to build up to more; we are sorry to be the bearers of bad news but introducing solids won’t necessarily help their sleep or satiate their increased hunger before they are ready for solids.

Our advice? Don’t rush in to solids… be aware of these changes in your baby’s development and wait until they are showing all (or most) of the readiness signs that they are ready to start. If you’re looking for extra information or advice around this, you may like to check out our guide to solids: click here.