Is food before one really just for fun?

Unfortunately, in some instances this statement has been taken out of context; sure, meal times should be a fun and enjoyable time for your baby but as their caregivers it’s also our responsibility to provide them with the nourishment they need to grow into thriving, healthy adults. Solids are introduced at around 6 months because a milk-only diet no longer fully meets the nutritional needs of your baby and solid foods are gradually introduced to help fill these gaps.

The first two years of your baby’s life is a time of exceptional change in many ways, but in particular their diet, as they transition from being fully milk fed (either breast or formula or a combination of the two) to a diet consisting of a variety of foods.

Good nutrition during this time has a greater importance because of the effect on brain growth, development of the nervous system, overall growth and development of your baby and their future health. And arguably just as important is helping them to develop a love and enjoyment of good healthy food.

If you’re looking for help or support during this exciting time in your baby’s development then have a look at our nutritionally reviewed guide to solids (click here). It contains everything you need to know, including a comprehensive list of suitable foods for your baby’s age and stage to help set you up to support your baby and toddler on a path of healthy eating and good nutrition for the rest of their lives.