Leading by example

Those cute little eyes are watching everything! And that's why setting a good eating example, even from an early age, is so important! Here's our top tips:

1) Eat alongside your baby - we know this isn't always possible, but when you can try and eat at the same time your baby / toddler is eating.

2) Demonstrate good table manners - feeding can be messy business, we get it! But try and encourage and reinforce tidy habits where you can...

3) For older babies / toddlers, encourage them to use cutlery - this goes against point two as we know it will be messy! But you'll be surprised how quickly they master the art of feeding themselves.

4) Offer food suitable for your baby's age and stage - initially you'll likely start by spoon feeding your baby, and then you move on to offering small pieces of finger foods on their high chair tray, and finally on a 'big girl or boy' plate - just like you!

For more tips and suggestions for your baby's food journey, check out our guide to solids, click here.