Top tips for making the perfect purée

Making purée is such a simple thing; made even simpler by following these tips!

1) Know your ingredients – fruits / vegetables / meat all require slightly differing cooking methods.

2) Cool first, then blend – blending hot food in a sealed blender can result in an explosive mess! Let your cooked ingredients cool slightly before blending or use a hand blender.

3) How much liquid? Depending on your baby’s age and stage and the ingredients you’re puréeing, you may need to add some additional liquid to get the desired consistency.

4) Plan. Time is precious, so if you are cooking your own purées cook in batches and freeze in ice cube trays with fitted lids to make for the easiest of meals in the days / weeks to come.

5) No special equipment. Other than a pot, a blender and in some cases the oven, there really is no special equipment you need.

For more information on each of these tips along with step by step instructions, check out our Making the Perfect Puree guide (available as a standalone resource or with our full guide to solids: click here.