What does success look like?

Before starting your wee on one solids, and for those of you whose babies are already on the way, it can be a good idea to have a think about what you are trying to create when it comes to your little one’s food habits.
For everyone the answer to this one will be slightly different however essentially, the goal for most is a child that:
  • enjoys food and meal times (they willingly want to eat and they enjoy food)
  • is open to trying new food (yes, there will be challenging times, but the ideal situation is that your wee one will be happy to try new foods)
  • can eat independently (this comes with time, but being able to sit down and feed themselves their meals)
  • from toddlerhood, joins in with family meals (they eat a range of family foods that the rest of the family enjoy and participate in family mealtimes – where possible, obviously as we know family life is crazy busy, with their parents and siblings)
And as mums, we want to:
  • feel good about the food we are feeding our wee ones
  • NOT be a slave to the kitchen, constantly preparing food or making multiple different meals for the family
Keeping these goals in mind as you a) start to introduce solids and b) progress your baby through the various eating stages, can help keep the challenges in perspective and, importantly, the triumphs celebrated.
What is your top goal when it comes to creating positive food habits for your wee one?
If you’re looking for help or support during this exciting time in your baby’s development, you may wish to have a look at our nutritionally reviewed guide to solids (click here). It includes everything you need to know, including a comprehensive list of suitable foods for your baby’s age and stage, a 30 day step-by-step starting solids food plan, how and when to continue to offer their milk feeds, and LOTS more to help set you and your baby up on a path of healthy eating and good nutrition.