Where / how does water fit in once my baby start solids?

Up until now it’s been all about baby’s milk (and it mostly will be for the next wee while yet) but what role does water play when introducing solids? And how can you encourage your baby to become a water loving toddler?!

Our top tips to get you started:

  • Begin by offering your baby sips of water during their ‘solids’ meal. Don’t be concerned if they initially start by spitting it out (or showing no interest at all), this first phase is about getting them familiar with a new taste.
  • Choose a suitable cup. Start with something that has a soft teat but preferable a different shape to baby’s bottle (if they take one). As you baby becomes increasingly established on solids (and on their water consumption) this can change to more age appropriate vessels.
  • Quantity. When you first introduce solids, your baby is getting everything they need to keep hydrated from their milk feeds so don’t worry too much about how much they are consuming. Continue to offer it at all meals and as they grow they’ll gradually increase their intake.

More info on all of these tips as well as all the information you’ll need to help transition your baby through the various stages and more in our guide ~ click here.