Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide
Easy Step by Step Guide

Easy Step by Step Guide

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This is an electronic 40 page pdf guide; it will automatically be emailed to you when you complete your order.

Is your baby:

  • Ready to start or recently started or solids?
  • Ready to move on to more textured food, but you’re not sure where to start?
  • Starting to show signs of fussiness?

Are you:

  • Looking for food inspiration for your little one - meal ideas and finger foods?
  • Wondering if your baby is ready to start solids?
  • Unsure of suitable foods for your baby and how to prepare them?
  • Wanting to establish a happy, healthy relationship with food for your little one?
  • Weighing up baby led weaning (BLW) compared to traditional spoon feeding?
  • Looking for suitable finger foods for your baby’s age and stage?
  • Wanting to know how you can save time and be prepared when it comes to feeding your little one?
  • Wondering what comes after purées?
  • Unsure of the role milk continues to play (how much and when to offer it) once your little one starts solids?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions above, then this guide is perfect for you and your baby.

In a world where there is SO much information, it can be especially challenging and frustrating to know what is ‘right’ when it comes to your own little one.

As mums ourselves, we understand wanting to do the best for your baby, so we’ve pulled together all the information into one balanced guide to make it easier to navigate this exciting time in your baby’s development. We’ve also had it thoroughly reviewed by a registered New Zealand nutritionist to give you peace of mind as you and your baby embark on this new journey.

What does the guide contain?

  • Indicators your baby is ready to start solids
  • Practical tips and advice
  • Baby-led vs spoon fed guidance
  • Establishing a routine
  • Transitioning milk feeds
  • Homemade vs store bought
  • Equipment required
  • Comprehensive list of suitable foods for each developmental stage
  • Information and guidance covering the four stages - indicators your baby is ready to start a new stage, how to transition and meal ideas:
    • Stage One - The First Taste
    • Stage Two - Mashing It Up
    • Stage Three - Chop Chop
    • Stage Four - Toddler Modification
  • Recipes
  • Food inspiration - over 15 ideas for finger foods and meal ideas for each stage!
  • Frequently asked questions, including managing fussy eating
  • Plus a FREE 30 day starter guide containing day by day foods to introduce to your baby
  • Also included: Your Baby's Food Journey: making the perfect purée


Is this guide right for me? 

Whether you have a young baby and are thinking ahead to starting solids, or you’re a couple of weeks or months along in your baby’s food journey, our resource will help answer the questions you may have. There are tips, tricks, ideas and information for each of the developmental stages of baby’s food journey included, so there is something for everyone - whatever stage you need help with!

Why do I need this guide?

Introducing solids to your little one isn’t complicated. By following a few simple techniques and knowing the indicators your baby is ready to transition on to a new phase of eating will help make the road smoother and enjoyable for both yourself and your baby. Parenthood is busy enough; our guide will give you tips and tricks to at least make this part of it a little easier!  

How will I receive the guide?

Once purchased, you will automatically receive an email with the resource attached.