About Us

Hi! We’re Lisette and Kirsten, founders of Sprout. Based in Auckland, New Zealand and friends since primary school days (many moons ago!), we’re both mums and now have five gorgeous wee ones between us.

In 2016 we both found ourselves expecting our first babies, and have leaned on each other as we have each navigated the highs, lows, fun and confusing parts of the first years of parenthood.

Prior to becoming mums, we both enjoyed busy corporate careers – Lisette in the food industry and Kirsten in healthcare.

So how did Sprout come about?

As the fog lifted from the newborn days, we began to think ahead to introducing our babies to their first taste of solid food.

With one under the care of pediatric allergy and diet specialists from only weeks old, it was important to us to gather all the information we needed to make the best choices for our boys as they began their food journey. The goal for us was to ensure they had a safe, nutritious, varied and enjoyable introduction to solid food that paved the way to being great eaters as they got older.

Along the way, we discovered there didn’t seem to be one place where we could get all this information in a concise format; let alone with practical plans and guidelines to follow to get started and progress through the various developmental stages. Life with a young baby is busy and hard enough – what we really wanted was a ‘one-stop-shop’ source of information, tips and inspiration. From these challenges came the idea for Sprout.

Our goal is to share with you what we’ve learned from our extensive research, experience, and collaboration with specialists in the nutrition field as a road map of recipes, meal plans, tips and tricks to make your life easier and to get your little one off to the best start possible. Our resource has been thoroughly reviewed by a registered New Zealand nutritionist and is in line with the New Zealand Ministry of Health Guidelines to ensure accuracy to give you peace of mind as you embark on this new journey.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Kirsten and Lisette