Food Stages

From purées to finger foods and everything in between, your baby's food requirements change quickly in the first few months of introducing solids. 

There are four key stages your baby will likely go through on their journey as they transition from being fully milk fed towards primarily getting their nutrition from foods they eat. Once your baby is showing some or all of the signs they are ready to start eating solids, you can begin to slowly introduce solid food.

Food Stages At A Glance 

Stage One - The First Taste

Once your baby is showing signs they are ready to start eating solids, you can begin by offering them small amounts of food. At this stage there are many things to consider, including the important role milk continues to play in baby's diet, timing, quantity, consistency, preparation, time saving and new foods all of which are covered in our resource, Your Baby's Food Journey. 

Stage Two - Mashing It Up

Once your baby is eating solids a couple of times per day, and they are demonstrating the indicators for Stage Two, it's time to start introducing different textures and increasing the amount and types of food offered. 

Stage Three - Chop Chop

This stage is about introducing new textures, flavours and encouraging self-feeding with finger foods.

Stage Four - Toddler Modification

As the name of this stage suggests, this stage marks the beginning of the introduction of foods which are very similar to the family meals, modified for your toddler. 


For more information, including the key indicators to watch out for that show your baby is ready to move from stage to stage, along with other helpful information, tips, and food combinations and suggestions, click here.